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Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch

November 25, 2017

Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch

“Fit is not a destination. It is a way of life”

Hi Loves,

How are all my fit friends doing!! In this world being fit is no longer a choice it is a necessity. The biggest problem I face in staying fit and which most of you also face for sure is I get the motivation to start running/workout with healthy diet but after someday I discontinue. The main reason is I do not see the results in front of me every day. That is where a fitness tracker became my savior which I am going to talk Today with a exclusive opportunity for you to win one!!

Mio Global Slice

Mio Global is a Canadian based company founded in 1999by Liz Dickinson and they created wrist based heart rate monitor. They created a metric called Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) with which you can measure the amount of activity you are doing easily and can tell you how much physical activity is required to reduce the risk of premature cardiovascular disease. They then release MIO Slice, a sleek wearable activity tracker cum watch which can monitor your heart rate and physical activity 24/7. They are awarded as among the best of CES 2017 by The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, PC Magazine, Fast Company and many others.

Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch

Benefits of MIO Slice

MIO Slice can track your overall fitness plus heart rate with an android/apple app to track your

Personal Activity Intelligence – Their metric PAI counts all your activity and converts it to PAI points. It shows real time PAI points that you have acquired in a seven-day period. The ask is to get 100 PAI points every 7 days which will indicate that you are at perfect fitness scale.

Heart Rate Technology – This does most accurate heart rate tracking real time and the app shows your continuous heart rate for the last 7 days.

Activity Tracking – With the push of a button it shows total steps, distance covered and calories burned in the day.

Sleep Tracking – Your wear it at night during sleeping and it monitors sleep quality all through the night showing how deep or light your sleep was plus your heart rate.

Notification – It alerts you when you receive a call or text message.

Watch – It shows perfect time and look like a very cool and stylish watch. It is also water resistant up to 100 Ft.

Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch

My fitness schedule with MIO Slice

Since I have got it I must admit I always trying to stay fit because now I can see the results every time I want and track it. Plus, it gives a motivation to reach the target of 100 PAI points every week. I wake up in the morning and track my sleep in the app. After breakfast, I go the gym to do some exercise and there is a cool exercise mood which I activate and it calculates all the calories burnt plus gym time. Then in the afternoon I go for walk/run and it calculates the distance travelled plus the calories burnt. It keeps on calculating the PAI points all through the day and I have set target for daily PAI points in order to achieve 100 points in 7 days. So far this has been the best motivating factor for me to stay fit and I am so happy with the results!!

Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch


Mio Slice can be bought directly from their site mentioned below and can be delivered all over US and Canada. Shipping is free it comes with a 1 year warranty. They have many other activity trackers that they offer, so feel free to check them out in the link below,


Giveaway Time

Today I have brought an exclusive opportunity for you to win

1 Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker worth 149$

You can enter easily through the Rafflecopter form below. The options are very easy and takes only 2 minutes. Giveaway open to US and Canada only. Surely try it out and the winner will be announced on 09th November 2017. The giveaway is an exclusive opportunity only for you, so don’t miss this!! Thanks to ShopandShout for organizing this giveaway. It is an unique platform where influencers can get a product in return for shoutout of the product to his/her followers.


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Always stay fit with Mio Global Slice Activity Tracker Watch




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